Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Old work, and some people worth mentioning..

Big post here...Ive been working long hours of the film since jan, so its been hard to get together new pieces. I thought id post some existing work i had laying around. I wanted to mention a few people who really helped me out at Sheridan in the last few years and were vital in my development as an artist. Robin Joseph, Bernard Joaquin, Ben Plouffe, and Linton Joseph are all linked right. They were as good as almost any teacher I had at the school, so i wanted to mention them all in this post. Above are some longer poses from lifedrawing which were used in my newest portfolio. The second image are a bunch of crocodile designs that I did right before my second year which I tightened up a bit just recently. The last piece was a digital painting I did from the movie lost in translation, also in the summer before second year while plouffe was teaching me how to digital paint(i had no knowledge of photoshop before). Im not crazy about the scarlett johansson portrait, but I was really happy with the bill murray back when i finished it. Anyway, back to animating Bazo. And check out all four people mentioned, all have blogs with great work.