Monday, December 14, 2009

Near Death Experience!! 6000 ft. up in Sequoia National Forest(Gasp!).

Toby Corolla got stuck in an ice patch on a winding highway 6000 ft up in the air. After a few speeding cars failed to pay attention to our signals to slow down, Martini Lancer lost control...slipping on the ice, hitting Toby into the side of the mountain. We jumped out of the way.

Martini's drivers were ok...then..MORE CARS veer out of control, nearly go off the edge of the mountain and barely miss us.
Then Jeepers Wrangledemon comes around the bend, totally shitfaced...skidding all over the road (see below).

We jump out of the way clips my car and goes into a ditch, stopping short of a few trees.

I help Ruiz(f) out of the Wrangledemon...unaffected by the chaos, Ruiz(m) proceeds to make small talk and comment on how the paint damage they caused to Toby Corolla "aint nothin".

Police reports are filed..everyone is walking and breathing after this debacle. We all kick salt under our tires and start our journey back to the visitor's center to relax and eat some food. Ruiz(f) needs to use the restroom and hitches a ride in the Police car while Jeeper's Wrangledemon and Ruiz(m) wait for a tow truck.

Ruiz and her tiny bladder disappear into the night. We never see her arrive at the visitor's center. Swallowed by dark trees, who knows.

On the way home, we avoid an army of cows trekking up the highway (thanks Lubo)..

After a series of events involving my GPS..we end up in an empty parking lot in Visalia.

He was waiting for us I'm sure. His eyes were like marbles, devoid of anything familiar. He would have chewed through my driver seat window if I had not instinctively taken off.

When I got home, I ate pecan pie. It tasted so damn good.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Spartacus!

A short two page comic I did. Was inspired by Lynda Barry's "Marlys" comic strips.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I used to eat astronaut ice cream...

but I never finished building that NASA space shuttle model because it required paint, glue, and elbow grease. I didnt have none of that..only lego skills.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The last few months.

My last morning in New York

Ended up in Berlin.. meet a good friend.

Breakfast at Stephan & Mareke's




"Timothy likes Amsterdam"
enroute to Paris

Miles at the Branly


Park Guell

ma shoe..


"Uncle Ray"



Friday, May 08, 2009