Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Good Ol Days

NBA season is starting up soon, and im feeling optimistic about my Toronto Raptors this year..Ive been watching them religiously since 1995 when they first came into the league, back when this guy was manning the paint for them. I remember lining up for an hour to get "The Big O's" autograph at the Sports Authority grand opening where I used to live only to find out that he had cancelled his signing. Tracy Murray showed up instead and signed my free sports authority hat, which is probably kicking around in my Mom's basement somewhere. Anyway, just wanted to share a thought completely unrelated to art or film. Go Raptors.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Well, ive got a name for my film; "Key Lime Pie"..and this is my first run of serious concept work for it. Its my own spin on the noir genre, and the story basically revolves around this character who is obsessed with key lime pie. I did some early concept back in May for the film, and these are essentially redesigned versions of the characters that were previously posted.
For those of you who are interested, Key Lime pie is my favourite dessert, so if youre ever organizing a birthday party for can probably score some bonus points if you buy a key lime pie from your local grocery store and stick twenty something candles in it.

A personal note: I just wanted to pay some respect to my friend Jeff Thompson, who is currently recovering from a serious hand injury. I cant say enough about Jeff, just a really great friend and a really talented artist. Ive worked with him on most of the projects ive been involved with, and being around him just makes me a better artist. His work can be seen on, and his blog is linked right.
Heres to a speedy recovery...