Thursday, October 18, 2007


Me and some friends tried to start a sketchblog called Latin American Dictator Sandwiches. Jeff was the only brave soul to post something. I finally scanned mine in after drawing it 4 1/2 months ago. Anyway...I think one day well get that sucker going. Till then, you can check out two whole sketches at

SO this is old news to some, but the Raptors lost in 6 games to their first round playoff opponent..the New Jersey Nets(They should relocate to Maryland and call themselves the Baltimore Basketballs!)
So began a 5 month depression, where I couldn't eat, sleep, or draw. I did however start a place called the House of Cool. And we just got a new website, so check it out:
All those thingys above these words are pages from my sketchbook this summer. I know I havent been posting, but it hasn't stopped me from drawing, or thinking of more film ideas.
In fact, Ive got another one on the way. Its called the Bermuda Triangle, and lotsa stuff happens in it.
For those who want to know, "Key Lime Pie" has been doing really well. So far its played at the Toronto International Film festival student showcase, The Montreal World Film Festival, Cinefest Sudbury, Ottawa International Animation festival, Barrie Film festival, and it will be playing at the Toronto After Dark Festival( next wednesday Oct 24th, before the feature "Nightmare Detectives" at the Bloor Cinema, and the AFI filmfest in LA(, as well as making an appearance in STASH DVD magazine for issue 38.
It picked up a best cinematography award at the TIFF student showcase, and 1st place in the most promising student category at the Teletoon scholarships. Overall the response has been really great..and more than anything, really encouraging.
Other than that, my summer was good...i moved to downtown Toronto, and I live with a tall Irish guy.



Cooked Art said...

Hey Trev,

Always great to see new drawings from you, as well as what you're up to. Awesome to hear that Key Lime Pie is doing so well!

Good luck on the new short - definitely looking forward to it.

Randeep Katari said...
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Randeep Katari said...

Very well deserved man.
Hope all's well.

Can I have 5 bucks?
haha, just kiddin.
Great work man. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Jarrett said...
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Matthew Kalinauskas said...

These are great Trev. Very loose and fun to look at. Drawing is alway alot more fun when you let your pen do the work, wouldn't you say.

Sam Nielson said...

Great doodles. I love your previous character designs as well.

D said...

Had I known that in advance; I saw you and Jeff walking down Queen street in the corner of University Av. Could have asked for at least 20cad (at least! considering how well you've been doing).

I can't believe I waited over an hour for a street car only to see it pass so full of people I had to walk my way back anyway :(

Congrats on all your successes!


Kei Acedera said...

Wild! Nice vomit Trev..My fav is the cop on the 3rd from the bottom..your lines flow really seein you !

Jamal O said...

Dope blog homie... I like your design sensibilities.

Lettie said...

interesting... always love ur sketches.

Anonymous said...

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