Monday, December 08, 2008

"we should really catch up sometime"

My name is ______, I am allowed to walk any way I please.

This is Laura, she is busy making triangles.
All of the lines on the page make you feel ________ .

These are my co workers, they look _________

I hopped in a _________ and ________ to Chicago last month.


Jarrett said...

Haha, great drawings. Your coworkers look cool and __________. Later!

Laura Jane said...

hahaha, YESS, triangles!! i love the way you drew the loda in that one. these are great. all of the lines on the page make me feel OVERSTIMULATED.

Parka said...

Very interesting blog and fun sketches!


Anonymous said...

my name is tomorrow, I am allowed to walk any way I please.

all of the lines on the page make you feel edgy

these are my coworkers, they look drawn out

i hopped in a dream and confessed to Chicago last month.


Wonderful work on this blog!

stephen said...

alexander hamilton graham cracker face

Leo Matsuda said...

cool Trevor! the dude with umbrella legs is genius!

Jessie Ilham said...

er.. trev, the radiohead sketch you did below, was it by any chance from lollapalooza?

because I was there! ^^;

chickennuggets said...

That first drawing is oddly wonderful.

MOXIEJOE said...

Dope Drawings

Sweet blog

jacks said...

great drawings

Kyle Marshall said...

Love the style!

Matthew Kalinauskas said...

Haha, these are cool doodles. I've got a bunch I'm going to be posting soon too. Have fun in California.

Mike Lee said...

HAHAHAH!!!! HOLY MOLY!! Those blueskyers are aMAzin!! HAHAHAHAH!!! Awesome blog man!!

Anonymous said...

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